Everything you need to know about valves

Everything you need to know about valves

One of the best forms of transportation includes pipelines. You might wonder this but pipelines transport huge amounts of liquid and gas products around the globe quite efficiently. To stay effective, pipelines require special pieces of equipment to regulate the flow of products that’s what valves are for. Valves are more like mechanical tools that have the ability to turn pipes to control the amount of product flowing through. As Industrial Valves has a time-honored legacy for the last 25 years, of being one of India’s leading manufacturers in high-quality instrumentation valves, we would like to tell you all about valves before actually using them.
What Is A Valve?

A valve is a mechanical tool that is used to block a pipe either partially or fully or to divert flow. Take the straightforward example of a faucet-when you switch it on you really activate a valve inside, one that permits water to flee. However, faucets generally have ball valves. Valves can be used to regulate gases as well as liquids and they are pretty much guaranteed to be in any machine or the mechanism that transports products in these physical states.

How Are They Made?

Valves are typically made from Stainless steel. The external part is called the seat and it often has a plastic or metal casing.. The inner part is called the body and it fits into the seal where the valve is closed. There is also a manual lever or another form of mechanism to control the valve. According to most valve manufacturers, the most critical aspect of a valve is that when it is switched off, it shouldn’t allow even the smallest amount of gas or liquid to escape. This is the reason why the valve needs to be closed perfectly, keeping high-pressure liquids and gases inside.

Types of Valves

Industrial Valves IVI having huge number of variety of valves that come with different mechanisms, each serving a different purpose:
Butterfly Valve: it is a disc that sits in the middle of a pipe and swivels sideways.
Gate valve: these valves open and shut by lowering metal gates across them. They are mostly used in water supply pipes. Ball valves: as the name implicates,

Ball valves have a metal ball that shifts positions to control the flow of liquids.

Needle valve: this valve uses an extended sliding needle to manage the flow of products like that in-car carburetors.
These are a few basics of valves that you need to know. If you are looking for valve manufacturers in India, feel free to get in touch and discuss your needs today!