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Elon Musk, the co-founder and CEO of Tesla, SpaceX, Neuralink, and The Boring Company is quite an avid Twitter user. In a conversation with an Indian ‘Twitter friend’ of his, he has gone on to reveal the fact that while he does not have a secret Twitter account but most definitely has a ‘cheesy secret Instagram account.’ The conversation was with Pranay Pathole, a software developer with whom Elon Musk engages and talks to on a regular basis via posts and direct messages.

This time, their conversation has sprung from a certain insinuation that Pranay Pathole addressed in a tweet. Here’s what he wrote about the rumour that Musk himself runs his Indian friend’s account:

This tweet was shared on May 22 and has received over 21,500 likes on it already. It has also prompted several reactions from people including that of Elon Musk himself. Along with clarifying the fact that he might not have an alternative Twitter account, he did confirm the fact that he has a secret Instagram account. Here is what the tech billionaire wrote:

His reply itself has received more than 44,500 likes and reactions like, “Everyone needs a secret alt account on Twitter, even Elon Musk.” Another asked, “Any hints at the name?”

It was back in 2018 during a downpour, when Musk first responded to Pranay Pathole. At the time, he was a second-year engineering student from Pune, Maharashtra. Pathole had decided to tweet to Elon Musk about Tesla’s automatic windscreen wipers and the problem with them. Musk had replied, “Fixed in next release.” 

What are your thoughts on this revelation by Elon Musk about his secret Instagram account?

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