Cooking gas cylinder become cheaper from today


Bhubaneswar: The price of cooking gas cylinders has been reduced on Friday, July 1. The price of Indane gas cylinders fell by Rs 198 in the country’s capital of Delhi. The price of an LPG cylinder has been lowered by Rs 182 in Kolkata, Rs 190.50 in Mumbai, and  Rs 187 in Chennai. Indian Oil has reduced the prices of commercial cylinders.
Consumers of domestic LPG cylinders, on the other hand, have continued to bear the brunt of high prices. A 14.2 kg domestic cylinder is neither cheap nor expensive. It is still has the same price as it was on May 19.

A monthly comparison of LPG Gas Prices (19 per kg cylinder) in Delhi was performed. The prices are as follows: 1st July: 2021, 1st June: 2219, 19st May: 2354, 7st May: 2346, 1st May: 2355.5, 1st April: 2253, 22nd March: 2003, 1st March: 2012.

Commercial cylinder rates were decreased by Rs 135 last month in June, whereas domestic LPG cylinder customers were shocked twice in May. On May 7, the price of a domestic cylinder (LPG Cylinder Price Today) was increased by 50 for the first time, and on May 19, the price of a domestic LPG gas cylinder was raised as well.

In different cities across the country, the price of a 14.2 kg cylinder in rupees (in round figures) is:

Delhi: Rs 1,003 ,

Mumbai: Rs 1,003,

Kolkata: Rs 1,029,

Chennai: Rs 1,019,

Lucknow: Rs 1,041,

Jaipur: Rs 1,007,

Patna: Rs 1,093,

Indore: Rs 1,031,

Ahmedabad: Rs 1,010,

Pune: Rs 1,006,

Gorakhpur: Rs 1,012,

Bhopal: Rs 1,009,

Agra: Rs 1,016,

Ranchi: Rs 1,061


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