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Business Opportunities in Kashmir Real Estate is open for all now?

Kashmir is a region in India with a unique culture, scenic beauty, and rich history. Despite the challenges and limitations, there are still some business opportunities in Kashmir. However, it is important to note that the situation in Kashmir can be volatile, and potential investors should take caution and assess the risks before investing in the region.

Here are some business opportunities in Kashmir:

  1. Tourism: Kashmir is known for its scenic beauty, snow-capped mountains, and lakes. The tourism industry in Kashmir has immense potential and offers opportunities in hospitality, adventure tourism, and other related businesses.
  2. Handicrafts: Kashmir is famous for its handicrafts, including hand-woven carpets, pashmina shawls, wood carvings, and papier-mache products. The handicraft industry in Kashmir has been in existence for centuries and offers opportunities for entrepreneurs to invest in this sector.
  3. Agriculture: Kashmir has fertile land, suitable for growing various crops, including apples, walnuts, and saffron. The agriculture industry in Kashmir offers opportunities in farming, processing, and marketing of agricultural products.

Regarding the question on real estate, the Government of India repealed Article 370 of the Indian Constitution in August 2019, which had previously restricted the purchase of land and property in Jammu and Kashmir by non-residents. The repeal of Article 370 has opened up the real estate market in Jammu and Kashmir to investors from outside the region. However, potential investors should be aware of the regulations and restrictions on the purchase of land and property in the region, as well as any potential risks associated with investing in the region.