BMW G310RR Instrument Cluster, Decals


While it borrows much of the hardware from Apache RR310, styling and graphics of G310RR are inspired by S 1000 RR

2022 BMW G310RR
2022 BMW G310RR

Ahead of its launch on July 15, new details about BMW G 310 RR have been revealed. Earlier teasers posted by the company indicated that the bike will be getting fully-adjustable suspension setup. But the teaser shared today, misses out on adjustable front suspension. Is BMW planning on offering multiple variants? One with adjustable suspension and one without?

Adjustable suspension option helps rider to tune the motorcycle in a more friendly manner. Based on riding style and terrain, the user will be able to adjust the firmness and flexibility of the suspension system.

BMW G310RR adjustable suspension?

Earlier teaser revealed adjustable knobs on fork tops, which are similar to the ones offered with Built to order (BTO) version of TVS Apache RR310. It is possible that other features too that are offered with RR310 BTO may be available as standard with G310RR. This will work as a means of differentiation and justify G310RR’s premium profile and pricing.

Suspension is likely to be the same as that used with Apache RR310 BTO. For example, the Dynamic Kit comprises fully-adjustable KYB front suspension. It has 15mm of preload adjustability and 20 sets of damping. Rear monoshock KYB suspension is also fully adjustable with 10 steps of preload adjustment and 20 sets of damping. Stiffness can be adjusted, as per track requirements for optimal race experience.

Apache RR310 Dynamic Kit also comprises brass coated drive chain. It enhances the bike’s sporty profile and also works as an anti-rust agent. In Race Kit of RR310, equipment list includes lower set handlebars that boost performance on the race track. However, it is not yet known if all these features will be introduced with G310RR as standard.

Foot pegs onboard G310RR appear to be the same as those offered with stock version of RR310. Race Kit of RR310 has race designed foot pegs that offer improved grip and stability during cornering. It also has raised footrest assembly that allows faster speeds on corners and higher lean angle. These components may not be available as standard with G310RR.

BMW G310RR performance

Powering BMW G310RR will be the 312.2 cc liquid cooled, reverse inclined motor, currently used with Apache RR310. It generates 34 PS of max power at 9,700 rpm and 27.3 Nm of peak torque at 7,700 rpm. This peak performance can be accessed with Sport and Track ride mode. In Urban and Rain mode, performance drops to 25.8 PS and 25 Nm. The engine is mated to a 6-speed gearbox. RR310 top speed is 160 kmph and it can reach 0-100 kmph in 7.17 seconds.

2022 BMW G 310 RR
2022 BMW G 310 RR – Render

As compared to Apache RR310 that has Michelin Road 5 tyres, BMW has chosen to stick with Michelin Pilot Sport tyres for G310RR. Another difference is conventional disc brakes, as compared to petal discs used with Apache RR310. Instrument cluster is same as seen on Apache, but has been with BMW Motorrad graphics.

As of now, two colours have been teased – Factory colour of White, Blue and Red as well as a Black. Pre-bookings have commenced on a brand new website that BMW has dedicated exclusively for G310RR. The company is also offering attractive finance schemes for the bike with monthly EMI of just Rs 3,999. Based on customer profile, there will be an option to fund insurance and accessories as well.


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