Ashneer Grover of Shark Tank India shares dining table’s pic after report claims it’s worth ₹1 crore: ‘Not even 0.5%’


Ashneer Grover, Shark Tank India judge and BharatPe co-founder, has reacted to a report claiming that he owns a dining table worth approximately 1 crore. Taking to Twitter, Ashneer Grover shared a picture of his dining table and also slammed BharatPe. In the picture, beige-coloured chairs stood around a wooden table with a marble top of similar colour. Ashneer recently resigned from his position after a clash with BharatPe board. His wife Madhuri Jain Grover was also sacked from her position as head of controls of BharatPe. (Also Read | Shark Tank’s Ashneer Grover bought dining table for 1 crore, rented penthouse: Staff reveals his ‘lavish lifestyle’)

Sharing the photo, Ashneer Grover tweeted, “Is it a space rocket? Is it a time machine? No, it’s a 10 crore dining table !! Haha! I don’t hold the Guinness World Record for the most expensive table ever. Nor do I intend to. Press – don’t fall for BharatPe Board (undisclosed sources) lies – you’ll lose your credibility like them.”

In another tweet, he wrote, “It’s not even worth 0.5% of that. I’d rather put 10 cr in business and create employment for 1,000 of folks so that they can earn and put dignified meal on their tables for their families. Score; Self Goal (Loss of Credibility) by BharatPe Board / Investors – 1: Lavishness – 0.”

Recently, Bloomberg published a report based on interviews of over a dozen current and former BharatPe employees, as well as several other people close to the company. As per the report, the couple lives a lavish life. The report said that Ashneer told several people in his company, previously, that he spent $130,000 (approximately 1 crore) on a dining room table. As per the report, Ashneer also upgraded their home for a rented penthouse, renovated another luxury property, and purchased a Porsche.

The report also claimed that Ashneer and Madhuri adopted frugal ways when it came to their professional lives. It quoted BharatPe employees claiming that she had once threatened a colleague with a salary deduction for making printouts at work. 

Earlier this month, Ashneer had responded to other reports about him leading a lavish lifestyle by sharing a picture of his bed on the floor at a friend’s house. Sharing a picture of a mattress on the floor, Ashneer had written, “I am appalled at the personal nature of the BharatPe Board’s statement, but not surprised…P.S. I indeed have a very lavish lifestyle. I get invited by friends with open hearts to their homes, where I have no qualms sleeping on the floor.” The entrepreneur recently attained celebrity status through his appearance on the reality show Shark Tank India, where he was one of the seven sharks.


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