Amazon has a special 'big screen' offer for gamers: All details


Amazon has a special 'big screen' offer for gamers: All details

Amazon seems to have new plan to expand the scope of Fire TV Stick. It is bringing the ‘big screen’ experience to casual gamers. With this, the company seems to be aiming to make users also look at Amazon Fire Stick as a gaming device for casual gamers. The e-tailer is running a combo offer under which it is offering buyers the Fire TV Stick along with a Bluetooth-enabled Micromini X Ninja game controller. Under the combo offer, buyers can effectively purchase the Fire TV Stick under Rs.

‘Now stream and play your fabourite games on Fire TV devices’ say the banner running on the e-commerce platform. It also gives users reasons to buy game controller with Fire TV Stick. These include: Free access to over 30,000 games; wireless game controller with enhanced battery life for gaming; and the big screen gaming experience.

The offer is valid till June 30, 2022. Here Fire TV Stick means and includes Fire TV Stick Lite, Fire TV Stick, Fire TV Stick 4K and Fire TV Stick 4K max.

How to avail the offer
* Select a Fire TV Stick along with Micromini X Ninja game controller and add to the cart

* Place your order and Rs 750 will be added to buyer’s Amazon Pay account after dispatch. Users will be able to use it to buy new content on their Fire TV Stick including games. It needs to be availed with 7 business days after the dispact of Fire TV Stick.

How to play games on Fire TV Stick
* Plug in Fire TV and connect to the internet
* Go to settings on your Fire TV Stick
* Choose Remote and Bluetooth devices
* Click on add new game controller to pair

The Micromini X Ninja game controller with a transparent design is also available separately at Rs 1,899 on Amazon website. The features include high sensitivity 3D joystick with burst function and vibration adjustment, Somatosensory six axis and 8-10 hours battery life.



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