2022 FB Mondial 125cc Motorcycle Debuts


At 135 kg, Piega 125 by FB Mondial promises to be considerably lighter than its main competitor, KTM 125 Duke

2022 FB Mondial Piega 125cc
2022 FB Mondial Piega 125cc

FB Mondial is an Italian motorcycle manufacturer that used to be on sale in India in partnership with Kinetic Motors. Due to poor sales, they soon closed their shops. But FB Mondial is quite popular in its home country producing a wide variety of motorcycles.

The company is making headlines again in 2022 with the launch of Piega 125 motorcycle. FB Mondial has pitted it against KTM 125 Duke and undercuts it significantly in terms of pricing. Before you ask, no, it is only available in European markets and won’t be sold in India.

2022 FB Mondial 125cc vs KTM 125 Duke

Piega 125’s main draw is its stunning looks. The motorcycle was designed by Rodolfo Frascoli who also designed the new 2022 Suzuki Katana. It is very evident too as Piega 125 seems to draw a lot of inspiration from Katana.

The headlight cowl lends it a perspective of a predator about to pounce on its prey. USD forks finished in gold and muscular tank shrouds further accentuate the predator appeal. Headlight duties are taken care of by twin projector units stacked on top of each other. They get LEDs inside them. The tank shrouds boast some aero trickery that adds some downforce for a better front-end feel.

2022 FB Mondial Piega 125cc
2022 FB Mondial Piega 125cc

Most intriguing part of Piega 125’s design is the tail section which gets tail-lights, number plate and indicators mounted on the tyre hugger. This gives a very aesthetic and minimal appeal to the rear of the motorcycle. It gets a wide street-inspired handlebar, split seats, an underbelly exhaust and a sophisticated-looking swingarm.

2022 FB Mondial 125cc also gets single discs at both ends and gets single-channel ABS as standard. The motorcycle also gets a TFT colour display for instrumentation. All in all, the design of Piega 125 comes off as futuristic and sleek.

Powertrain & Price

It is powered by a 124 cc single-cylinder, liquid-cooled engine that develops 14.8 bhp and 10.5 Nm. In comparison, KTM 125 Duke makes 14.5 bhp and 12 Nm from its 125cc engine. Duke seems to get the torque benefit over Piega. But Piega strikes back with its 139 kg kerb weight which is lower than Duke’s 159 kg.

2022 FB Mondial Piega 125cc
2022 FB Mondial Piega 125cc

FB Mondial has priced the Piega 125 at EUR 4,400 (Rs. 3.66 lakh approx) while KTM has priced 125 Duke at EUR 5,450 (Rs. 4.54 lakh approx). Piega 125 is not only lighter and slightly more powerful than 125 Duke, but it is also significantly cheaper.

FB Mondial is not expected to bring its Piega 125 to Indian shores as it will be almost twice its European price. As KTM 125 Duke is manufactured in India, it is priced at Rs. 1.70 lakh which is less than half the price of Piega 125’s European price.


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