Chennai: Recounting the journey of making Tata Consultancy Services (TCS) the bellwether of the Indian IT industry, Tata Sons chairman N Chandrasekaran said on Friday that he used to travel about 200 days a year to forge relationships with clients and amalgamate the ‘TCS culture’ across geographies.

Chandrasekaran, the CEO of TCS from 2009 to 2017, was speaking at the launch of the Tamil version of ‘The TCS story… and beyond’ written by its former chief executive S Ramadorai.

“Running a global company is not easy. It’s very demanding,” he said. “I used to travel 200 days a year. It’s very difficult to create a culture unless you meet people. And you’re operating in different markets, hiring people in different markets, each market has its own culture, how do you blend the TCS culture into those cultures?”

Ramadorai succeeded FC Kohli in 1996 and was instrumental in taking TCS’ cumulative revenues to $6 billion from $400 million during his 14-year stint.

His book narrates the history of the growing prowess and importance of India’s IT industry, especially from the turn of the century.

“The book intends to be an inspiration for generations of professionals and entrepreneurs who must think of addressing problems differently,” Ramadorai said. “The very essence of the book is to inspire the readers to be solution-oriented so that our people and the country at large can reach our true potential and move towards a future of collective prosperity.”

Chandrasekaran said TCS has an open and inclusive culture, its biggest draw. “We never pulled the rug (on each other),” he said. “We created opportunities and tried to bring out the best in everyone. We met each other equally outside of the conference room and were connected.”

What makes TCS stand out is the camaraderie and genuine affection those in the company share, he added.


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