Tesla Autopilot Felony; 5G Airplane Problems; Tornado-Hit Factory Shutters | Today in Manufacturing Ep. 51


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In each episode, we discuss the five biggest stories in manufacturing, and the implications they have on the industry moving forward. This week:

Air Force Commits $60M to Supersonic Air Travel

Last week, Boom Supersonic announced a new three-year partnership with the U.S. Air Force to accelerate R&D on the company’s supersonic commercial airliner, the Overture.

$3.4M in Fraudulent Relief Funds Generates $16M Forfeiture of Tesla Stock

In April 2020, Andrew Lloyd submitted nine fake Paycheck Protection Program applications. Six of them were funded for a total of $3.4 million. Instead of sports cars or high-end escorts, Lloyd used $1.8 million to buy 15,000 shares of Tesla stock at $114 per share.

Tornado-Ravaged Candle Factory Will Not Reopen

On December 10, a tornado demolished the Mayfield Consumer Products candle plant in Mayfield, Kentucky. The surviving employees have learned that the company will permanently shutter the plant, and layoffs are coming with it.

Airlines Again Warn of Potential Disruption from 5G

As AT&T and Verizon planned to launch new 5G wireless service this week, the airline industry threatened to ground or delay thousands of flights.

Felony Charges 1st in Fatal Crash Involving Tesla Autopilot

Prosecutors in California filed two counts of vehicular manslaughter against the Tesla driver who, on Autopilot, ran a red light, hit another car and killed two people in 2019.

In Case You Missed It:

COVID Death Ruled Work-Related at Auto-Parts Supplier

On January 14th, OSHA cited auto-parts supplier Sanoh America following an investigation into the company’s COVID-19 mitigation policies.

Railroad Tries to Block Workers from Striking

BNSF railroad is trying to get a federal judge to stop two unions from going on strike next month. The issue is a new attendance policy.

Peloton Pauses Production on Bikes, Treadmills

The exercise and treadmill company was temporarily stopping production amid waning consumer demand.

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