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In each episode, we discuss the five biggest stories in manufacturing, and the implications they have on the industry moving forward. This week:

Stellantis CEO Calls Out U.S. Plants for Absenteeism

Stellantis, the company formed when Fiat Chrysler merged with PSA Group, revealed $15.2 billion in earnings in its first year as a combined company. As a result, UAW employees could see the biggest profit sharing checks in 35 years, but the CEO took a shot at U.S. employees.

Hershey Workers to Vote on Unionizing at Plant Described as “Prison-Like”

Workers at the Hershey’s production plant in Stuarts Draft, VA describe cruel working conditions, an unfair pay structure and a “prison-like” environment.

Ford Beats Out Tesla for Top EV Honor

Consumer Reports recently released its list of the best cars of 2022, and Ford dethroned Tesla as the top EV.

Virgin Hyperloop Abandons Passenger Travel

Virgin Hyperloop might be dead, sort of.

Explosion Rocks Huge Louisiana Refinery

On Monday, an explosion rocked a huge Louisiana refinery. Marathon Petroleum said six workers suffered minor injuries.

In Case You Missed It

USPS Gets Final Signoff to Order New Delivery Vehicles

The U.S. Postal Service cleared the final regulatory hurdle to order new mail vehicles despite pushback from the Environmental Protection Agency.

Craft Breweries Struggle to Find Beer Cans

Ball Corp., the largest aluminum beverage can maker in North America, is raising its minimum order five-fold — and it is having a profound effect on small breweries.

Planes Outfitted with Bionic Sharkskin

On Wednesday, Swiss International Airlines became the first passenger airline in the world to use AeroSHARK aircraft skin technology.

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